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Does your sciatica or back pain make it difficult to enjoy your favorite activities? If you’re struggling with these issues, you’re not alone. An estimated 84% of adults in the US experience lower back pain at some point in their lives.  We understand how frustrating and debilitating it can be to live with chronic pain, and we’re here to help.

For many of the patients that come to us with back pain or sciatica, pain had become a regular part of their life. They were unable to stand, walk or even sit normally. Because it is so common to hear others mention their back pain or to suffer from it yourself regularly, the pain can begin to seem like a normal part of aging. However, when your body is not able to do basic functions without pain, this is a clear indicator you should be seeking help for your condition. 

Chronic pain is a sign that something is going on with your body, and ignoring it can lead to further complications down the road. It’s important to take action and seek help as soon as possible.

What Can Neuro-Structural Do For You?

Think about it like this; if a house has a poor foundation, you may find that you have problems. Maybe the walls are cracking, the plumbing and electric systems are malfunctioning, and the doors and windows are not closing correctly.

You can keep addressing these individual issues (symptoms), but they are likely to keep recurring until the underlying cause is corrected (Neuro-Structural Shift). Your spine is the foundation of your body, and all of the organs, muscles, and connective tissue are built around it.

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