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How Can Chiropractic Treat Vertigo?


Neuro-Structural Corrective Chiropractic is not only an effective treatment option for vertigo but essential when addressing the root cause of the issue. Central vertigo is caused by an issue in the brain, typically in the brain stem or in the back part of the brain. Peripheral vertigo is often caused by pressure in the vestibular nerve between the inner ear and the brain stem. At Platinum Chiropractic, our approach to treatment is different. We look at what’s actually causing vertigo rather than focusing solely on symptom treatment.

What Can Neuro-Structural Do For You?


Think about it like this: if a house has a poor foundation, you may find that you have problems. Maybe the walls are cracking, the plumbing and electric systems are malfunctioning, and the doors and windows are not closing correctly.

You can keep addressing these individual issues (symptoms), but they are likely to keep recurring until the underlying cause is corrected (Neuro-Structural Shift). Your spine is the foundation of your body, and all of the organs, muscles, and connective tissue are built around it. If your spine isn’t strong, then the rest of the body won’t work properly.

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