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  • Once you set up your account, Kristen will then go in and apply your 5% discount.
  • If you would like recommendations on supplements, let us now.
  • If you are looking for something you are already taking and can’t find it, let us know and we will take a look.
  • Altos Mobile Massage is a local company that offers in home massages by licensed & insured Certified Massage Therapists. When you set up your appointment they will find the therapist that best suites your needs.
  • Enter the promo code PlatC19 for 10% off your in-home massages & events.
  • Beautycounter is on the forefront of safer skincare. They are rigorous about testing the quality, effectiveness and making sure their products are SAFE and free of hormone disruptors. They actually test every batch of their body and skin products FIVE times and makeup SIX times!
  • Spend $125 (before tax, shipping and membership) and earn a Band of Beauty membership on us!
      • Free gift changes monthly
      • $12.50 in product credit to use on your next order!
      • Earn product on ever order you place
      • Free shipping
  • Ask Kristen for details and samples
  • Branch Basics offers cleaning products for the home from hand soap to laundry detergent. Marlee started the company because toxic cleaning products in her home were impacting her health and the health of her son. Their products are affordable, clean, and really work!
  • ButcherBox offers the highest quality grass fed and finished beef, heritage raised pork, wild salmon, and pasture raised chicken, all with no hormones or antibiotics.
  • Sign up directly via the link above for the monthly promotion to count, and let us know if you place an order so we can track it.
  • Butcher Box Website
  • Clean Juice is the place to go for juice and smoothies. They are locally owned and operated and are located over in the Pruneyard. Stop by for 10% off.
  • Just show them your Platinum Preferred Patient Card to get your discount.
  • 1875 S. Bascom Ave, Suite 516B, Campbell, CA 95008
  • Delivers to your door with wines that are sugar free (< 1g/L), and low in sulfites (< 75ppm), organically or biodynamically grown, mycotoxin/mold free, additive free,
    and are keto, paleo, low carb friendly.
  • You can choose from reds, whites, a mix, or they also do special summer runs with rosé and champagne.
  • Sign up via the link below for a bottle of wine for a penny and let us know so we can track it!
  • High end and professional local moving company. We used them for our office and a personal move, and vouched never to move ourselves again!
  • Let them know we referred you when you call for your estimate.
  • Personal Massage Chairs of the highest quality.
  • The prices listed are retail, however because of our relationship with the
    company we can get you a greatly reduced price. Let us know which model you are interested in and we’ll get you the order information and pricing.
  • These are two of the most popular:
  • Heidi offers personal training tailored to your specific needs and fitness goals.
    She is very dedicated to creating you a customized, clear and concise training program, to help you not only reach your goals but exceed them. You are stronger than you think you are! Begin your journey today.
  • Platinum Chiropractic Preferred Patients receive a complimentary consultation and $100 off your first package of 5 sessions.
  • For more information contact Heidi Thielen, Text 617-699-2670 or Email:
  • This is the mattress we have and we absolutely love it.
  • Intellibeds have a gel mattress so you don’t have any issues with chemicals releasing as the foam breaks down.
  • It does a wonderful job of being supportive but not causing the pressure points that make you have to wake up and move in the middle of the night. They use this material on wheelchairs to prevent patients from getting sores.
  • Kelly’s Healing Massage is a family run business with two locations, one in Sunnyvale and one in Mountain View. They offer a variety of types of massages ranging from Swedish, to Deep Tissue, to Couples Massages.
  • Let them know Platinum sent you over when you schedule and Hubie will give you $5 off your service!
  • Mother Dirt focuses on promoting a healthy microbiome on your skin. Years of exposure to aggressive cleaning products, petroleum, and skincare strip your skin from its natural ecosystem. They have cleansers, mists, body wash, ect.
  • Primally Pure makes skin and hair care for both men and women, including deodorant. They focus on using high-quality ingredients and using as few of them as possible.
  • Excellent online market for high quality food. Their coconut milk is clean, and they have all kinds of other items that can be hard to find clean locally, and usually they have lower prices as well.
  • Sign up via the link above to receive a 30 day free trials and 25% off your first purchase.
  • Type A is a deodorant company that focuses on performance while still being natural and aluminum-free.
  • Uplift Psychology Group offers individual and couples counseling to teens and adults. Meet with a highly trained psychologist for issues such as anxiety, stress, depression, relationship difficulties, grief, and more.
  • Call them to schedule. Let them know you are a Platinum Preferred Patient and will get you $25 off your first session in addition to the Complimentary Consultation they already offer!