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I started Platinum Chiropractic because I saw a void in the care available to our community here in Santa Clara, specifically the lack of Neuro-Structural Corrective care. The care we offer here in the practice has effects on so many more things than just your back. It’s about the whole body staying connected through your nerve system. Everything is connected! And by restoring the foundation of your body to a healthy state, your body functions better. It is better able to heal and protect you from illness and ailments throughout your life.

Many patients ask why I decided to become a chiropractor. If you are interested, you can check out my story below:

Platinum Chiropractic Staff

Dr. Karo Isajan

Dr. Karo Isajan is the top doctor here at Platinum Chiropractic in Santa Clara, CA. 

He lives a very active lifestyle with his wife Kristen. He enjoys weight lifting, swimming, yoga, traveling, and camping whenever possible. But life wasn’t always this way, and there was a time when he had lost all hope.

When Dr. Karo Isajan was 18 years old, he was awarded a full-ride scholarship for springboard diving, like in the Olympics, which enabled him to receive his undergraduate education. Shortly after he started training, he began experiencing warning signs of a back problem. He pushed through the warning signs in order to continue competing until the pain got so bad that he couldn’t even put his socks on. He was referred to the athletic trainer, physical therapist, and various doctors, but the problem wasn’t getting any better. The pain and restricted range of motion were actually getting worse! His health and quality of life began to deteriorate, and his studies were being affected.

Until finally, Dr. Karo Isajan found himself in a dark, dingy basement hospital waiting room full of terminally ill patients. It was in this doctor’s office that Dr. Isajan was told they still didn’t know what the cause of his pain was, but the next step was to have surgery. He was crushed. Dr. Karo was going to lose his scholarship, and his ability to go to school. That is when he realized “There must be a better answer than this!”

It was at this point that Dr. Karo sought out a chiropractor who reminded him that the body is self-healing and self-regulating and that pain is just a signal telling us something isn’t working correctly. He gave Dr. Karo hope!

With the help of his chiropractor, Dr. Karo started to heal, and his pain began to go away. He was able to keep his scholarship for diving and even qualify for NCAA National Championship.

It was this experience that inspired Dr. Karo to become a chiropractor so that others can live a life they love, free from the medical rat race, and heal not only from pain but also from underlying causes.

Dr. Karo is one of only a handful of Neuro-Structural Chiropractors in the Bay Area. He has been in private practice in the San Jose California area since 2012 and earned his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic West, where he received numerous academic awards including the Virgil Strang Philosophy Award.

He presently serves as President of the California Chiropractic Association Santa Clara County District and is an active member of many other organizations, chiropractic and otherwise, including the Silicon Valley Central Chamber of Commerce.