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Feed Your Immune System

Tip #6: You Are What You Eat We couldn’t talk about supporting our immune systems without talking about Nutrition. What we put into our bodies impacts how our bodies function and defend us from infections or illnesses.  When we talk about nutrition, we are talking about the process of ingestion, digestion, absorption, and utilization of …

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Feed Your Immune System

Nutrition For Health

Missed our nutrition seminar What to Eat & Why? You are in luck! We got an excerpt on video for you to check out. Our next Workshop on Tuesday, March 10 will be an interactive mobility class. Don’t miss it! Welcome to Platinum Chiropractic we offer Services such as Complimentary Consultations and Neuro-Structural Corrective Chiropractic. Read more of our blogs.

What to Eat & Why

We know you are all full of burning questions when it comes nutrition does and dont’s. Come to our workshop on Tuesday, Feb 18 at 6:30 pm and bring your questions! Learn the why behind what we should eat and what to avoid for lasting health Discuss tips for better nutrition decision making Learn the …

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Platinum Purification Program

  Have you heard about our nutrition program? The Platinum Purification Program is a 21-day program designed to help participants learn to eat in a way that works best for them and their health and nutrition goals. Over the last 8 years in practice, we have refined and restructured the program with an emphasis on education so you …

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Platinum Chiropractic Health Challenge Day 13

It is always best to get your probiotics from food vs pills. What food you ask? High quality fermented foods such as sauerkraut , kim chi , kombucha , and apple cider vinegar . Yogurt and kefier are only OK if they are dairy free  and not high in sugar. The best products that meet …

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Meal Prep Recipes

As promised, here are a few recipes to help you with this weekend’s challenge. Preparing your meals ahead of time is a great way to make sure you eat healthy all week long, even with a busy schedule. Tips: 1) You can substitute chicken for any kind of fish and substitute the listed veggies for …

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Platinum Chiropractic Health Challenge: Day 5

Day 5 of our Patient Appreciation Health Challenge: Get your meal prep done! Day 5 is more of an all weekend challenge… Get your meal prep done for next week. Keep an eye out for meal prep recipes posted throughout this weekend.

Platinum 21 Day Purification Program

Finding yourself a little hesitant to join this year’s group Platinum 21 Day Purification Program? Then read this testimonial from one of last year’s participants: “I decided to do the Platinum 21 Day Purification Program even though I was a bit skeptical, but I thought it would help jump start my journey to get healthier.  …

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30 Day Health Challenge Day 23

Day 23: No Artificial Sugars. You should all be pros at this one by now! #platinumchirochallenge Below are some illustrations from the National Geographic article “Sugar Love” by Richard Cohen in the August 2013 issue. 22.7 teaspoons a day! That “is how much sugar the average American eats each day.” As you can see in …

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30 Day Health Challenge Day 21

Tomorrow is your next chance to win a prize: a jar of yogurt from Living Cultures Superfoods. Day 21: Add Vegetables to Every Meal To qualify for this week’s prize: Take a picture of your best vegetable filled meal and include the recipe in the caption. Post it on Facebook or your Instagram page and …

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30 Day Health Challenge Day 15

For tomorrow we are starting off the week eating clean: Day 15 is No Artificial Sugars.  

30 Day Health Challenge Day 9

For Day 9 we have an excellent follow up to no added sugars: Drink 8 oz of Water First thing in the Morning. Take a look below for 5 advantages of drinking water in the morning. #platinumchirochallenge 5 Advantages of Drinking Water in the Morning Balancing your Lymph System Weight Loss Clear Skin Nutrient Absorption …

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30 Day Health Challenge Day 8

Already on to week 2. For Day 8 we are back to No Artificial Sugars. This is an excellent reminder to check your labels. What counts as an artificial sugar? Any sugar that is added in, like granular sugar, corn syrup, sweet n low, splenda. Added or Artificial Sugars are found in so many foods …

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30 Day Health Challenge Day 4

And we are on to Day 4! For tomorrow the challenge is to Stay Hydrated! Carry a water bottle, filled with water. Drink and repeat. We recommend a non-soft BPA free plastic or glass bottle. Did you know you should be drinking half your body weight in oz of water every day? Are you getting enough? …

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30 Day Health Challenge Day 2

No Artificial Sugars This can be a tricky one, but completely achievable. In fact this is one of my favorites of the challenges we have lined up for you. This is because it is a great reminder to check your ingredient labels. You might find yourself surprised by what you find. #platinumchirochallenge