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Plan for Success

It’s December… the last month of 2018. Let’s finish this year strong and set ourselves up for the new year hitting the ground running! The best way to make sure you are successful with your New Years resolutions is to start them NOW. Want to start working out? Eating less crap? Reading more? Start with …

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Testimonial Tuesday!

As part of our 1 year anniversary celebration, we are highlighting a few of our wonderful patients, and their testimonials. Click the images below for the full testimonials!  

Common Sense vs. Rocket Science

Neuro-Structural Corrective Chiropractic Care is a partnership. The results you enjoy are based on what we do on each visit and what you’re willing to do between visits to support your care. Here are some suggestions that can help you get well faster. Ice can be a natural pain reliever. Apply an ice pack for no …

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Hormones: What Are They?

Hormones are something we typically hear about when teenagers are going through puberty. What we don’t realize is that hormones are constantly regulating how our bodies work 24/7 throughout our lifetime. Hormones come from our endocrine system. The endocrine system (hormones) is the collection of glands of an organism that secrete hormones directly into the …

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Boosting Your Immunity with Chiropractic

Pero concluded that “chiropractic may optimize whatever genetic abilities you have” so that you can fully resist serious disease. “I’m very excited to see that without chemical intervention…this particular group of patients under chiropractic care, did show a very improved response, “ he told CBSRF. “These changes occur from chiropractic treatment.” In 1975, Ronald Pero, …

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Shoulder Strength & Rehab

Sign up for Platinum Chiropractic’s Shoulder Rehab & Strength Seminar at NCFit Santa Clara. The event is this Saturday November 4 from 12 – 1 pm.

New Location

  The wait is finally over! We’ll have some giveaways to celebrate our soft opening next week, so make sure you come in and visit! Soft Opening Hours:  Monday July 24: 9-12 and 4-7 Tuesday July 25: 9-12 and 4-7 Wednesday July 26: Closed Thursday July 27: 9-12 and 4-7 Friday July 28: 9-13

Stress and Your Health

Image from Well Adjusted Products We all know that too much stress can lead to decreased health; but how? Well, we know stress causes a fight or flight (sympathetic) response in our bodies. When this occurs, our bodies’ muscles create tension. When this tension is repetitive, chronic or severe enough, it causes a shift in the …

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Programmed for Health

You’re not sick because you have pneumonia; you have pneumonia because you are sick.  This is a very important concept to understanding health, sickness, and disease. We talk a lot about how HEALTH is programmed into your body. Health is a default setting that is expressed when we perform genetically compatible actions, such as moving …

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Hip Flexors

Hip flexors are muscles that cross our hip region, allowing us to bring our legs up to our torso, such as in walking and running. There are two groups of hip flexors; the quadriceps located on the front of your thigh, and the iliopsoas, which attach to your spine from your leg.   Sitting, as …

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Segmental Movement Dysfunction

Similar to that of the Movement Deficiency Syndrome (MDS), which we talked about a few weeks ago, we are living in an epidemic of Segmental Movement Dysfunction (SMD). SMD takes the same principals as MDS and relates them to the joints or segments of the body. Each and every one of your segments are designed …

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Every Two Weeks

You might have wondered why we recommend to get checked and adjusted a minimum of two times a month once you have reached the Protection phase of care. The reason is to prevent arthritis and joint degeneration. The journal Clinical Biomechanics reported as far back as 1987 that joint immobility, such as that which occurs …

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NCFit Corporate Cup 2017

This past weekend we participated in the Corporate Cup, a one day fitness competition between Silicon Valley’s businesses. Platinum Chiropractic was one of the sponsors at the event, where we gave away t-shirts, shaker bottles, and information about our focus in Neuro-Structural Correction. Folks always ask if we “work” on people during these events, and …

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Movement Deficiency Syndrome

Dr. James Chestnut coined the term ‘Movement Deficiency Syndrome’ to identify the necessity of both physical activity and exercise on human physiology, function, and health.  Physical activity and exercise are necessary components to keeping our bodies in working order, via supporting our genetic requirement for sufficient and pure movement. Our genes literally require movement to express …

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Pain is a fact of life we all experience at some points in our lives. And while it is unpleasant, it is also an important part of living life on earth. Pain is often ridiculed, but it is also very important to our survival. So what is pain? pains a signal from our body alerting …

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Ear Infections, Vertigo, Balance Issues

1) C1 (Atlas) meeting your skull 2) C2 (Axis) *) Eustachian Tubes Ear infections, vertigo, and balance issues… What do these things have in common? All of them can be caused by a shift in the upper neck. Here’s how. The upper portion of your neck (cervical spine) goes all the way up to your skull. And …

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Purification Program

Its that time of year again. Our 21-Day Purification Program is back by popular demand. September 25 – October 15. This is a structured program that combines eating whole foods, drinking nutritious shakes, taking supplements made with whole food ingredients, and exercise to help you cleanse and build healthy lifestyle habits. The menu includes a …

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It is not just a backache… It is a health problem

  When your structural alignment is not normal, your joints begin to wear out faster. We call this ‘early onset degeneration’. This area of degeneration begins to push against your delicate nerves and blood vessels, causing anything connected to those nerves to malfunction. This is why at Platinum Chiropractic we strive for the ultimate neuro-structural correction. Because …

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The Choice is Yours: Fix the Cause or Cover it up

Abnormal body alignment due to injury or improper movements or postures done repeatedly, such as sitting and working at a desk, create spinal problems. These spinal problems put pressure on the nerves. This nerve pressure then creates health problems. You can: 1) fix the structure with chiropractic care or 2) cover up the pain signals …

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Thyroid Function and Neuro-Structural Chiropractic Care

  The thyroid gland is located on the front part of the neck below the thyroid cartilage (Adam’s apple). The gland produces thyroid hormones, which regulate body metabolism. Thyroid hormones control metabolism and virtually all other processes in the body. Without thyroid hormones, the body cannot form RNA, which is needed for the process of transcription …

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