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Neuro-structural Chiropractic vs Conventional Chiropractic, and What Makes Us Different

neuro-structural chiropractic
There are many chiropractic offices in our town. How are we different?

Most chiropractic offices are of the conventional chiropractic type. Conventional chiropractic care typically aims to increase range of motion, decrease muscle spasm, and relieve pain temporarily. They provide general manipulation of the spine and physical therapy modalities to ease pain and discomfort. This type of care falls under the category of symptom reduction/management and conventional chiropractic is good for this type of care.

Santa Clara Neuro-Structural Chiropractic Corrective Care

At Platinum Chiropractic our approach is different. Our primary focus is Neuro-Structural Correction. This approach considers a deeper assessment of the spinal cord and nervous system. Your brain and nervous system are the Master System of your body, it’s the source from which your body receives constant signals in order to maintain health. 

The brain and nervous system controls and coordinates health and function to every cell, tissue and organ. Without a proper nerve connection our cells cannot regenerate themselves, which leads to cells becoming sick. The bones and joints of your spine protects this most vital system. 

Having a healthy spine is not an option. It is essential to life and having the best chance to be naturally healthy. Unfortunately stress and trauma are an unavoidable part of life which can cause our Neuro-Structure (spine and nerves) to shift, leading to secondary conditions (symptoms).

Our focus is to analyze and detect these underlying issues and specifically reduce these problems and restore the spine to its natural state. We do this by utilizing scientific objective measurements to determine the presence of Neuro-Structural Shifts and work to correct those shifts with gentle and specific adjustments. 

We take a deep dive into your health/concern with a full Neuro-Structural Examination. This means we aren’t just addressing the symptom. We take a look at the full picture of your health to find the underlying cause of your health concern, help correct and restore your body to a normal state and help you live a better life.

Think about it like this. If a house has a shifted foundation, you may find that you have problems with the walls cracking, the plumbing and electric systems malfunctioning, and the doors and windows not closing correctly. We can patch these individual symptoms by covering the cracks, putting grease on the windows or putting screws in the floor. 

This is how many people tend to treat their health issues, by using medications and even surgery to treat their symptoms. But, if the structure of your home is still shifted, these conditions will continue to occur and lead to other issues. Your spine is the foundation of your body, and directly connects and influences the health of every cell, tissue, and organ.

After a course of Neuro-Structural Corrective care, we see a resolution of many health conditions and a restoration of people’s normal function. In short, their health returns and their quality of life improves. Most patients begin care when they start experiencing a health crisis, pain, or just not feeling like themselves, like something is off. 

They come to us looking for solutions to various symptoms, including back pain, neck pain, anxiety, digestive issues, headaches, migraines, sciatica, tingling, numbness, and low energy, to name a few. Many have already tried rest, over the counter pain relievers such as aspirin/ibuprofen, anti-inflammatory steroid injections, physical therapy and/or surgery depending on severity. 

But when there is a structural shift in the Neuro-Structure, no amount of pills, potions, stretches, or lotions can correct it. In order to restore normal function, your nervous system must be able to communicate effectively — a normal structure is the only way that can happen.

Here at Platinum Chiropractic, we focus on the correction and reduction of Neuro-Structural shifts to help you restore and maintain the most vital part of your body, so you can live a healthy, vibrant life, doing what you love, without the dependency on medications or surgery. .

So what are Neuro-Structural shifts and how do we identify them?

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