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Kevin C.

Kevin C.

“I have visited a variety of chiropractors over the years since moving to the US and they all seemed just OK. Six years ago, I was ‘introduced’ to Dr. Karo and I have never looked back.

“Historically, I had many sports injuries; from my knees, up to my lower back, upper back and neck. Pain was synonymous to most of my daily functions, which included nerve and numbing pain. It has gotten so much better now that there is no more numbing pain and almost no nerve related pain. Sitting, standing and even lying used to be barely bearable, but ever since beginning regular Neuro-Structural corrective care, my body functions have improved and it is a lot less painful to be active. When my spine is out of structural alignment due to constant travel and long work hours, my regular visits to Dr. Karo help keep those long painful days at bay.

“Improvements I have personally experienced over the years under Dr. Karo’s care and supervision include less overall pain (greatly reduced), increased mobility, better concentration and focus, stronger immune system (I heal a lot faster than it used to take), more alert, and increased vitality and better overall mood.

“Dr. Karo also runs additional programs like nutrition, mobility and many more which I believe everyone should try at least once as his programs help with overall natural healing and increased body function.”