Platinum Chiropractic

Farbod Sedeh

“I’ve been seeing Dr. Karo for over 8 years now. As my health, fitness, and overall life objectives have changed over the years, seeing Dr. Karo has remained consistent. Whether I was competing professionally in CrossFit (when I was younger of course) or playing soccer with friends, Dr. Karo always made sure my body was functioning to the best of its abilities.

But more importantly, my migraines are nearly gone. About 15 years ago I started getting migraines as a teenager and as I got older, they became more frequent and more agonizing. The impact of each migraine was steep and sometimes led to a trip to the Emergency room. Since I started treatment with Dr. Karo, the migraines occurred less and were less severe. Now, I maybe get 1-2 migraines every 6 months, when prior to seeing Dr. Karo, I was averaging about 18-20 migraines every 6 months. My quality of life is where I want it to be and a large reason for that is because of Dr. Karo.”

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