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Jill B.

Jill B.

“I’m crying right now… because I feel so amazing! I’ve been receiving chiropractic care from Dr. Karo for about eight years now. I used to have chronic neck pain – always bending my neck to try and “crack” it with no success. Neck pain and headaches were a lifelong issue for me. Now, I can’t even remember that daily pain as Dr. Karo was able to help me heal properly after only a few months of care. Eight years later, I’m feeling so very strong and healthy!

Even though I no longer have chronic issues, I get regular chiropractic care to allow my body to be a strong, supportive healing machine! Today, I came in holding emotional stress from personal issues. It was showing up in my physical body. Once released (thank you, Dr. Karo) I can now breathe more deeply and feel like I can handle the difficult situations I’m facing with more energy, focus, and calmness. Yes, all this from one visit. I highly recommend Dr. Karo at Platinum Chiropractic. He is highly skilled and incredibly intuitive. You don’t have to live with any kind of pain! Come to Platinum Chiropractic. “

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