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I found myself complaining to a trainer about feeling bloated

I found myself complaining to a personal trainer about feeling bloated and “stuck” when it came to my relationship with food.

Despite what I thought of healthy eating, and having logged nearly 1,700 miles on a bicycle for the year, I was discouraged with my weight and low energy levels.

He asked me a few questions about my dietary habits, asked if I have ever done any kind of dietary reset, and suggested I investigate Platinum Chiropractic’s Platinum Purification Program.

I wasn’t sure what to expect.

I expected:

  • to be hungry. I never was.
  • to feel unable to complete 50-mile bike ride without an egg sandwich or other carbs. I wasn’t. 
  • food and recipes to be boring and flavorless.  They weren’t.
  • to be out there on my own without support

I didn’t expect:

  • it to be so easy to follow the plan and not “cheat”
  • to learn that I could fundamentally change how I eat and how I snack
  • to learn afterward bread, rice and pasta really leave me feeling rather yucky and red meat, even the good stuff, wreaks a bit of havoc on my system
  • to incorporate some simple changes on a permanent basis
  • to enjoy investing time and energy in cooking and preparing food from scratch
  • to find that first cup of coffee when it was all over really wasn’t that tasty!

Overall, this was a really great learning experience.

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