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Ever wonder why sitting all day makes you tired?

“90 percent of our brain’s energy is used for posture alone.” – Dr. Roger Sperry, Nobel Prize Recipient

This is why you may find yourself to be tired, after eating 5 meals and sitting in a chair all day. Sitting promotes poor posture and uses up our body’s energy to buffer and allow you to sit for extended periods of time. This shortens the muscles in the front of the body and weakens the muscles in your back. Poor posture creates a tone of pressure on the joints of your spine and further puts pressure on the nerves that go to other places in your body. The Lancet, a British medical journal, published a study that found evidence of cervical neuritis (nerve irritation) in over 70% of all Carpal Tunnel Syndrome patients. This is just one example of how your posture can affect other areas of your body.

Squeeze your butt
Brace your belly
Put your scapulas in your back pockets
Retract your head over your body

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