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Headaches & Migraines…


At Platinum Chiropractic we care for a lot patients that come in with chronic headaches and migraines. Most people experiencing headaches or migraines manage the effects through pharmacology in the form of medication. Although medication can cover up some of the pain they also alter mood, digestion, 

and have other side effects. People come see us with the hopes that structural chiropractic correction might help ease their pain, intensity, or frequency of headaches, and they are right! Because of the work we do with Neuro-Structural correction, we can test for areas of the spine which have a high correlation in causing headaches. The best part is when we start adjusting people, they can have immediate reductions in headaches and migraines. People frequently tell us at their progress examinations that they stopped taking migraine medications because they’ve been migraine free for months! And the only thing they have changed in their life is having regular adjustments at our practice. 

Let us know if your headaches and migraines have decreased in frequency and intensity. Actually, share this article with your family and friends and let others know where they can get help too, because there are a lot of people out there suffering. You always have options when it comes to health care, and at Platinum Chiropractic we are a non-drug, non-surgical solution to many health conditions.

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