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Meet Our New Chiropractic Assistant!

My name is Katalina- like the island but with a K. I’m excited to join the Platinum Chiropractic team as a Chiropractic Assistant. I am also an advocate for mental health and therapy. I believe in kindness to everyone and embracing differences.

With my degree in Design and Advertising, I do part-time art directing and graphic design on the side. I love to talk about art and design, so if you see anything interesting, I am always open to having a conversation. My hobbies are studying art history and watching old Hollywood-era musicals. I can quote ” Singing in the Rain” by heart.

I am also a coffee snob/connoisseur who used to be a barista. Ask me about any coffee shop in the South Bay. I’ve probably been to it. My favorite drink is a flat white, and I enjoy making my own cold brew at home.

My family is from South America, and I love sharing my culture. I am bilingual and proud of it. I am currently attempting to teach Dr. Karo more Spanish so he can say more words than just greetings and numbers. Feel free to give him a pop quiz.

For exercise, I enjoy running long distances, and one of my goals is to be able to run a marathon. Dr. Karo has helped me with stretches, exercises, and adjustments that have immensely improved my form and stamina.

I look forward to learning more about Chiropractic care and engaging with each of you. I am delighted to meet you.

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