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Reducing Stressors

Unlike conventional chiropractors, we focus on Neuro-Structural Correction at Platinum Chiropractic by utilizing Structural photography analysis, X-ray analysis, Neurological scanning, and functional assessment. We aim to analyze the human frame and correct Neuro-Strucural Shifts, which cause many secondary conditions. 

Secondary Condition

3 StressorsSecondary Conditions (symptoms) may or may not have pain associated and can present in various ways, such as low energy, high blood pressure, anxiety, digestive issues, or sleep issues, to name a few. Many Secondary Conditions are a result of Neuro-Structural shifts. Misaligned structures create pressure on the nerves of the spine. Only about 10% of our nerves have pain fibers. This means we don’t feel 90% of what is happening in our bodies. Just think of all of the bodily functions taking place behind the scenes. Additionally, it can take up to 40% of pressure on a nerve before we feel sensations like pain. Although pain is uncomfortable, it is not the cause of a problem. Pain can present as many different sensations like tingling, numbness, burning, aching, sharp shooting etc. Pain is one of the ways your body tries to communicate, telling you that something is happening. When we correct the underlying cause, the Neuro-Structural Shift, secondary conditions like pain tend to go away.

What Causes Neuro-Structural Shifts?

The short answer. STRESS!

A Neuro-Structural Shift occurs during stress. Stress comes in three different forms: Physical, Chemical, and Emotional. When these stressors are too much for your body, your spine and nervous system compensate by creating a Shift.

Chemical stress refers to what we ingest, put in and on our skin, and the environment around us. Examples are eating and drinking poor-quality foods and drinks, taking medications, polluted air, etc. Our bodies become inflamed and weak if we eat unbalanced, low-quality processed food with toxic artificial chemicals. Our joints, ligaments, discs, and muscles become more vulnerable and injured easily.

Emotional stress can impact our bodies in two main ways:

We often have physical responses to emotional stress. For example, if we are angry, we might clench our jaws, hold our breath, and squeeze our shoulders up to our ears. We physically express our emotions; our spine and nervous system take the brunt when it’s too much.

Then there is a mental game. Thinking negative thoughts, feeling bad, and negative self-talk all contribute to an unhealthy physical state and lead to stress on the nervous system. Effects of this include disruption of our normal body functions, hormone production, and dis-ease.

Physical stress comes from our daily movements, habits, lifestyle, and old injuries. Physical stress can come from trauma, such as a car accident. But it most commonly comes from a sedentary lifestyle where we don’t move enough, especially in our spine, and don’t exercise our bodies sufficiently. 

We live with all these stresses daily. The goal is to minimize the stressors contributing to your Neuro-Structural Shifts. Small changes can lead to significant impacts. You have already started getting adjusted to correct your Neuro-Structural Shifts. Great job. Now, let’s think about what stressors in your life may be re-creating your Neuro-Structural Shifts and how you can reduce them.

Schedule a consultation and find out how we can help you to reduce stressors.

Reducing Stressors

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