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Time Is Running Out for Sun Vitamin D!

We have been hearing a lot about Vitamin D in the news these days, and how it can help our immune system response, and therefore decrease our risk of COVID, colds, flu’s, and all kinds of other infections like cancer.

However, it is important to realize that October is the last month that here in San Jose we can get Vitamin D from the sun. From November to March, as the sun lowers in the sky, if you are above the 37th parallel (Los Angeles) you are no longer able to synthesize Vitamin D from sun exposure. This is because the sun is lower in the atmosphere, thereby reducing the UVB rays that are responsible for synthesizing Vitamin D.  

Check out this article for more details on Vitamin D, why it is so important as we head into this flu season, and how to make sure your levels are tip top!

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