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Tune Up for the Crossfit Games


Dr. Karo before the Crossfit Games

Come in to get your tune up from Dr. Karo before the Crossfit Games this weekend.  We will have extended office hours  July 9-11 to accommodate people heading down to the games! Dr. Karo will be heading to the Crossfit Games on Thursday afternoon until Monday the 16th. Call or email to set up an appointment.

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Tune Up:
Welcome everyone to another update on vitalism and health. We’ve all been training hard, eating a super clean diet free from sugar, pesticides, GMO’s, and all those other “added” things we want to stay away from. You’ve probably also been getting some sun exposure … You’re almost there. There’s one thing a lot of you have not thought about…
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Dr. Karo with Jason Khalipa and Neal Maddox, competitors to follow at this year’s Crossfit Games.

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