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Why Do We Need Good Vibrations To Heal?


Healing is a continuous process throughout our life of cells, tissues, and organs replacing themselves. In other words, old, unhealthy, and sick cells have to be killed and broken down by our bodies, a process called apoptosis. Just like all other processes in our bodies, apoptosis is regulated and directed by our nervous systems.


Our nervous system needs to be fully functional for our bodies to have the best chance to heal and be healthy. Helping the nervous system work without interruption is how Neuro-Structural chiropractic care is so beneficial to health. 

So back to our question; How do good vibrations impact our healing? Well, our bodies are mostly made of energy, not material. Yes, we have bones, and muscles, and skin, but our cells are mostly water, and that water has energy. Believe it or not, our environment influences this energy. 

Take, for example, a gym where people are working out. When you walk in, you feel a high energy. Without anyone telling you, your body feels it. 

Conversely, when I had my back injury in college, I ended up having to go to a pain management clinic when I was at my worst moment. If you don’t know about that story, you can read about that here. Anyways, when I stepped out of the elevator into this depressing place, I immediately felt anxious, my stomach sank, and I felt sick. I literally felt horrible. I left that place, vowing never to go back there. 

As you have undoubtedly experienced yourselves, your environment impacts your health more than we can measure. If you would like to learn more about this topic, check out this cool video on Doctor Emoto’s work. 

We are very aware of this at Platinum Chiropractic, which is why our practice is set up the way it is. It is a high vibrational place of healing. Your cells need happy, healthy vibrations to elevate your functions, along with the powerful healing Neuro-Structural adjustments to your nervous system, personal connection with your chiropractor, positive mental transformations, and empowering education. These are vital pieces to health and healing.  

We all need a place to go where life is more vibrant and healthy, and more is possible than what we customarily believe.

When new patients talk with patients who have been with us for years, they sometimes share their health testimonials ranging from reduced allergies, asthma, migraines, digestive issues, sciatica, less reliance on drugs, or avoiding surgery. 

Your body picks up this energy and carries it with you, spreading it to your friends and family. Our office is a little oasis where miracles of health and happiness are an everyday occurrence.


And we are blessed to have all of you there to share it with us. 

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