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Anti aging, your health, and what you can do.

DNA strand


As times goes by, we all notice the effects of aging. What if we could slow down this decline? Science is starting to really look at how we can control or help our genetics to perform better.

One of the ways that DNA is measured is through the telomere length on the end of a DNA strand. Telomeres are the strand of DNA that is attributed to aging and healthy cell function. Throughout your life, they are essentially “used up” to create the cells in your body. Once your telomeres are used up, you no longer produce healthy normal cells, and you begin to decline.

Fortunately there is some good news. One of the features of consistent chiropractic care is its positive affect on DNA. Consistent chiropractic care lengthens these telomere strands, which result in normal production of healthy cell tissue, wow!

Go to the attached PDF for more information.

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