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How Long Will Healing Take?

There is no process that does not take time.

We’re often asked how long it will take to feel better, to have less pain. Whatever the health concern is, people are often looking for immediate relief. This is because pain and discomfort are, well, uncomfortable. And because they are accustomed to medical care that utilizes powerful chemical drugs. These drugs treat symptoms by either altering the nervous system, disconnecting the brain from the body, slowing a process down, or speeding a process up. These chemical alterations have nothing to do with how we heal. They may make us FEEL better, but they are not helping us to HEAL better. 

Healing takes time and repetition. We have billions upon billions of cells in our bodies that constantly replace old cells and grow new ones. Take, for example, a herniated disc that’s causing pain, tingling, and numbness down the arm or leg. That injured disc has gone through years of improper alignment, movement, and stress, causing the breakdown of the cartilage. Until one day, you bend down to tie your shoe, and it causes a symptom you can feel, such as pain down the leg. Getting rid of the symptoms with medication will temporarily relieve the pain but do nothing to restore the underlying damaged cells and tissues. Studies show that chronic pain medication use will worsen the problems by inhibiting the growth of new cells, adding toxicity to your body, and disconnecting you from feeling the injury, which could result in more damage. That is why chiropractic adjustments can be so helpful in relieving pressure, getting more nerve flow blood flow, and facilitating tissue healing. 

So, how long will it take to feel better? As long as it takes your body to grow new healthy cells. In the best-case scenario, when everything is done correctly, your body will grow new cells at the rate of your age multiplied by your lifestyle. The older you are, the slower healing is. The worse your lifestyle and stress have been, the slower your healing can be. 

Different cells grow at different speeds. Skin can take days to weeks, blood cells take 90 days, and muscles take weeks to months. Joints, ligaments, and tendons take months to years, and bones take seven years to replace. That is why getting adjustments, walking, drinking plenty of water, eating good food, taking supplements and getting plenty of sleep consistently over a period of time will give you the best results in healing. 

how long will healing take

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