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Mental Health and Chiropractic

Health, happiness, and well-being are normal and natural. We are all born with an innate intelligence, constantly working at 100% for our benefit. When we live according to what our bodies need and do nourishing things for ourselves, our bodies automatically know how to self-regulate, self-heal, and express well-being. How wonderful is that?

Three main categories create health in our body: Moving well, Eating well, and Thinking well, all at the same time, for a period of time. Our body and mind constantly try to be in an innate healthy state, and our conscious lifestyle choices determine whether we move towards health or away from it. Our job is to practice doing all three simultaneously and continuously to help our body express total/holistic health.

The most important factor for everything to work well together is a clear connection from the brain to every cell in the body using the nervous system, which runs through your spine. This connection can get interfered with. We call these interferences Neuro-Structural shifts. They are caused by Physical, Chemical, or Mental/ Emotional stress. When we experience one or all three of these stresses that overload our nervous system, our body creates a Neuro-Structural shift in the spine, causing a reduction of normal nerve function and decreased health, leading to secondary conditions (symptoms).

At Platinum Chiropractic, our focus is Neuro-Structural correction. We evaluate for the presence of Neuro-Structural shifts in the spine and work to correct them so that your body restores its connection from the brain to the body, giving it the best environment to heal and be fully healthy.

But how does our mental stress impact Neuro-Structual Shifts? Mental/ emotional stress relates to the Thinking well category of health. Thinking well is how our mindset and auto-suggestion (self-talk) create our well-being. Our mindset is a vital component of a healthy life, and we are constantly practicing this daily, whether we are aware of it or not, consciously or subconsciously. Our mindset is developed in childhood and continues to grow and change throughout our lives. It is how we program ourselves to view our world. We can actively choose to either reinforce our innate health, ease and happiness or move away from it with our mindset alone. The best thing about our mindset is we can change it instantly!

Auto-suggestion, how we think and talk about our life experiences, is the tool we can use to change our mindset. We all practice auto-suggestion daily. It is an amazing and powerful gift everyone is born with. What we think and say can change our mental, emotional, and physical state. When we think and speak, we are sending information to the brain. This information fires off billions of neurons in our brains, making connections from our memories and experiences. Our brain uses this information to coordinate our body’s physiology to respond appropriately. This can help us survive stressful or dangerous situations. And it also allows us to feel safe, relaxed, and good. When we feel good, we are actually in our natural state. We can keep feeling this way more and more often, leading to more positive life situations and a healthier outlook on life by developing a healthy Mindset. Our job is programming ourselves daily.

One of the simplest practices that can help our mindset is the practice of gratitude. Being grateful triggers our brain to release chemicals that make us feel good. When we feel good, we change our emotional state, and it becomes easier to find more and more things to be grateful for. I practice gratitude by creating a list of five things I’m grateful for in my life. I do this in the morning when I wake up to program myself for the day and again at night to help me feel at ease. I may think or say each one out loud and feel it in my body, building and growing that good feeling emotion.

Example list:

  • I’m grateful for having an intelligent body, constantly working to self-heal and self-regulate.
  • I’m grateful for having access to healthy food and a safe and comfortable place to sleep.
  • I’m grateful for my family and friends, who always have my best interests at heart.
  • I’m grateful to live in an area with so much beautiful nature.
  • I’m grateful to the Platinum Family for allowing me to do what I love each day.

Try it for yourself! Let us know on your next visit what you’re grateful for!

Mental Health and Chiropractic

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