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NCFit Corporate Cup 2017

This past weekend we participated in the Corporate Cup, a one day fitness competition between Silicon Valley’s businesses. Platinum Chiropractic was one of the sponsors at the event, where we gave away t-shirts, shaker bottles, and information about our focus in Neuro-Structural Correction. Folks always ask if we “work” on people during these events, and we do not. We don’t provide chiropractic care at events for a number of reasons. Because we focus on Neuro-Structural Correction, Platinum Chiropractic takes a more comprehensive approach than traditional chiropractic. Our job is to do a thorough analysis of your foundation, which cannot be done properly in a competition setting. From that analysis we can build a plan to properly make corrections. Providing immediate care on the competition floor without a full examination only serves for short term symptom reduction. Our goal is provide you, our patients, with the best service for the long term, and we thank you for trusting us with your care.

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