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what is pain

Pain is a fact of life we all experience at some points in our lives. And while it is unpleasant, it is also an important part of living life on earth. Pain is often ridiculed, but it is also very important to our survival.

So what is pain? pains a signal from our body alerting us that our behavior isn’t congruent to nature’s laws. It is an alert telling us to pay attention. Pain not only stops us from further damaging ourselves, but it also sends signals to initiate healing. It operates as a feedback mechanism telling our brain to send white blood cells, and reparative enzymes to injured areas to repair and rebuild.

Chiropractic, regardless of whether you are currently experiencing pain or not, does a wonderful job at reducing and preventing future pains because it focuses on improving the structures and function of the body. Once the body’s neuro-skeleton has been restored to its normal position and function, which takes time, and pressures are removed from soft nerves, the body has the best chance to heal and turn those pain signals off.

This doesn’t mean that pains goes away immediately. Healing takes time, often more time than we want. And we need to change our behaviors that are contributing to causing neuro-structural shifts, and therefore the pain; Poor daily habits, improper exercises, imbalances in muscles, and poor diets etc. all contribute to creating pains. More often than not, pain is a multifaceted problem that needs to be examined from many angles. That is why at Platinum Chiropractic we create a care plan that includes complimentary recommendations which address proper diet and exercises. Once you move well, eat well, and think well all together for a period of time, returning your body to a normal state of homeostasis, only then will your body turn off the alarm of pain signals.

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