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I’m asked all of the time about supplements, which ones I take, and why.

First off supplements are just that, supplemental. They are supposed to help fill in where your regular healthy diet might not be able to cover.

Getting all of your required nutrients from eating healthy foods is the goal. Unfortunately, food today is not the same as it was 100 years ago. Fruits, vegetables, and livestock have been sprayed with chemicals, injected with medications, and grown in such a way that fewer nutrients are provided.

Knowing this is the start, and attempting to eat 100 percent organic, wild, and fresh should be the goal. But even then, you might not be getting 100% of your required essential nutrients to be your healthiest. Remember health is the natural state of our body when it receives everything it needs from the environment in order to create healthy tissue and cells.

While everyone is different and might require additional support for various deficiencies, we encourage you to go as naturally as possible and try to find non-toxic solutions for your health issues. This might be extra Vitamin C, Thyroid support or pain reduction, etc. If you have specific concerns, let me know and we will discuss what your specific needs are.

So what supplements do I recommend as a starting point? Take a look at our Platinum Summer Essentials below.

Right now is the time to focus on your health, and give your immune system the essentials to function optimally. That is why we are bundling our Platinum Summer Essentials, so you can save and stay healthy at the same time!

Save 25% on our Platinum Summer Essentials and
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