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Sciatica Low BackPain

Remember that super cool sit/stand desk converter we raffled off earlier this year?

Now is your chance to get one for yourself! As our newest Platinum Community Partner, Anthrodesk is offering the Platinum Family 10% off their website!

As we are all working from home more, our workspaces may not be the most conducive to the long hours we are all putting in. Did you know that sitting puts 3 times more pressure on the discs of the spine than standing? 3 times!!!

Alternating between sitting and standing greatly reduces the pressure on your spine and helps keep your muscles relaxed, so your structure doesn’t shift, putting pressure on nerves, which leads to many secondary health conditions. Standing also greatly reduces back pain, improves circulation, and burns more calories.

To take advantage simply shop AnthroDesk via this link and your discount will be applied at checkout!

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