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You’re not sick because you have pneumonia; you have pneumonia because you are sick. 

This is a very important concept to understanding health, sickness, and disease. We talk a lot about how HEALTH is programmed into your body. Health is a default setting that is expressed when we perform genetically compatible actions, such as moving well, eating well, and thinking well.

“The unhappy person is the target for any and every type of illness.”

— Bruce Larson from his book There’s a Lot More to Health Than Not Being Sick

Now, it’s not just about being happy. It’s more about taking responsibility in your daily life to ensure you are doing the correct things in order to express normal health physiology rather than making choices that cause a stress reaction in your body.

Lets look at an example:

Once upon a time during a winter holiday, a family of five siblings came together to spend a week together. They each had one child that was 5 years of age. What a great time! They all had the same food, water, and exposure to the outdoors; a similar environment and lifestyle for that week. Unfortunately, one of the siblings had a cold when he arrived with the obvious symptoms of a runny nose, coughing, sneezing; the normal responses when you have a cold virus. But that didn’t stop him from playing with all the children, from tag to wrestling.

The week following the holiday, some of the children started to show signs and symptoms of what the sick sibling had. Two of the children displayed exactly the same symptoms as the sick sibling, showing symptoms from the cold virus for a few days. Meanwhile two of the other children where absolutely normal, and one child was sick for an extra week. (Two normal, two sick, and one really sick).  The really sick child was taken to the medical doctor because his body was still showing stress physiology and was expressing signs and symptoms. They checked him out and diagnosed him with pneumonia.

Now, pneumonia is an infection in the lung tissue, and has a longer healing time than a cold. Here is the question for you: How could three children contract from the same source and have a different response? This is because their immune systems were either healthy, strong, and resistant to bacteria and viruses, or were already sick, stressed, and weak, allowing the virus to infiltrate the defenses of the body.

Sickness and disease are not entities in our body, they are the results caused from a lack of health. Health is a state of being that we have a response-ability to maintain with our actions and choices. When we are healthy, we don’t have disease or sickness by random chance. Remember, you’re not sick because you have pneumonia, you have pneumonia because you are already sick. Pneumonia just happens to be one way your body is trying to adapt to being sick.

At Platinum Chiropractic our goal is to maintain your spine and nerve system in a healthy state so the operating system of your body can respond and adapt to the environment, keeping you well. Does this mean you will never experience a cold from time to time? No, but by keeping your body in a healthy state, you will recover faster and more normally without side effects.

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