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Strong Immune System Defense

The purpose of strong immune system defense is to defend the body from enemies and effectively attack and remove infiltrators. The brain and the autonomic nervous system (automatic operating system) play a critical role in that process. When an invader is detected, the brain and the autonomic nervous system facilitate the synchronization of the immune system’s soldiers to sequester and eliminate the assailants.

An OBSTRUCTION anywhere within the nervous system could result in a communication issue between the brain, the body’s automatic operating system, and the immune system’s assets. A glitch in this vital communication network could depress and/or compromise the immune response, which is likely to increase an individual’s vulnerability to intruders. 

An OBSTRUCTION such as a Neuro-Structural Shift may reduce the immune system’s ability to respond to invaders. That’s why our focus on Neuro-Structural correction helps improve the function of the nervous system and thereby improve immune system function.

strong immune system defense

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