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Text Neck…. Who Cares?

Anterior Head Syndrome Poster

Anterior (Forward) Head Syndrome⠀

We do! But WHY? 

Text Neck? Before we talk about why, we need to talk about how your body’s structure works. You see, in an anatomically normal spine, the head (ear) should be suspended directly over the shoulder. Your head is suspended, not by an inflexible rod, but by a curve formed by the segments in your neck. This curve acts as a shock absorber for your head, absorbing stress with every step and jump you make. 

The reality is we live in a forward flexed world, constantly putting us in poor positions. Repetitive physical stress like reading, doing computer work, texting, or traumas like car accidents, sports accidents, or neck injuries, can cause a person’s structure to deteriorate and … dun dun dun…… Text Neck, also knows as Anterior Head Syndrome (AHS) develops.⠀

So now we are back to WHY AHS matters…

This shift in head position means that the muscles of your neck and your upper back will need to work harder to hold your head up which can cause neck and shoulder pain, headaches, back of neck pain, and muscle fatigue.  And that is just to start.⠀⠀

When your head shifts forward, in front of your body’s center of gravity, your spinal column in your neck elongates and straightens. Research has clearly shown that loss of the cervical (neck) curve alters the proper function of your spinal cord and nervous system which can lead to a variety of secondary issues including: numbness & tingling (arms/hands), pinched nerves, postural abnormalities, cervical pain, sinus issues, disk herniations, headaches and migraines, right and left neck pain, shoulder injuries, decreased range of motion, and more.⠀

Unfortunately, once structural damage is there…it’s there and extremely difficult to correct on your own. No amount of stretching, exercising, or standing up straighter will provide correction without additional help. In fact, you may feel like you CAN’T stand up straighter or you may experience pain with doing day to day activities that you used to enjoy. 

The Bottom Line: Correcting Anterior Head Syndrome with Neuro-Structural Corrective care (our focus) is an important step towards restoring and maintaining optimal health and wellness for years to come, so you can get back to doing what you love.


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