Platinum Chiropractic

Every Two Weeks

You might have wondered why we recommend to get checked and adjusted a minimum of two times a month once you have reached the Protection phase of care. The reason is to prevent arthritis and joint degeneration. The journal Clinical Biomechanics reported as far back as 1987 that joint immobility, such as that which occurs when you have a neuro-structural shift, can lead to permanent damage in as little as two weeks. (Clinical Biomechanics 2:223-229)

At Platinum Chiropractic our goal is to not only restore normal structure and motion, but to also maintain it so your spinal joints don’t degenerate and interfere with the electrical system of your body. This insures the best possible function and health your body can have. You are risking a slow loss of function if you wait until you have symptoms to come in. When was the last time you were checked?

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