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Diabetes Workshop Recap

June’s workshop was a hit! We turned the practice into a movie theater to view “Death & Diabetes in the City of Angels” and had a great time speaking with director Jay Vera. Thank you Jay for sharing more about the why behind the film. I also want to congratulate everyone who attended the event. Actively learning is the first step to improving your health. Kudos to you all.

Following the film we spoke about the difficulties we each face with regards to health. Our society makes it easy to be unhealthy, and consequently our communities are facing an epidemic of disease. But the good news is, we can  take our health into our own hands! How you ask? To start…our top 5 Factors in Preventing Diabetes, Heart Disease, and Cancer are:

  • Having a positive community to support healthy lifestyle decisions
  • Eating well (Reduce your Inflammation)
  • Moving well
  • Timing of meals
  • Adaptability

We all know we need to eat better and to exercise, this is not a secret. However, most people don’t realize the importance of your body’s ability to adapt. By adaptability I am referring to our body efforts to constantly regulate itself to the surrounding environment. We all learned this as homeostasis of the body, but it’s more than that. Adaptability is how our body constantly learns and becomes stronger as we age and go through life. Why is this important? Well for example, it is this adaptability that allows your pancreas to tell your brain it has received a message of how much insulin to make, and that it know how to prepare for your next meal. And how does your body do all of this communicating? Via your nervous system. Which is why chiropractic care is so important, as it maintains the function of your nervous system, so your body can adapt! Pretty cool huh?

For those of you who missed it, check out the documentary via the link above.

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