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Platinum Nutrition Program

Join us for the fall edition of our Platinum Nutrition Program. Over the last 10 years in practice, we have refined and restructured the program with an emphasis on education so you can learn what works for you and maintain these healthy habits long after the 21 days are over. While focusing on a diet …

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Platinum Nutrition Program

Shift Happens!

What is a Neuro-Structural Shift? Two weeks ago, we talked in-depth about exactly what Neuro-Structural Correction is. If you missed it, you can check it out on our blog here. This week, we will elaborate on what a Neuro-Structural Shift is, how it leads to dis-ease, and how it impacts you and your ability to …

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Check Out These Healing Stories!!

Every day, you all come into the practice and update us on your health journeys and examples of the incredible healing potential of the human body. We are excited to share that recently, you have reported: healing from diabetes and no longer needing medication, kidney health improving and normalizing, and being able to climb Mt. …

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Focus on Gut Health

Our immune system resilience (i.e., our ability to adapt and fight off bacteria and viruses) is dependent on our gut health. But unfortunately, our gut systems get abused during this time of year because of all the holiday food, treats, and alcohol. The biggest offenders to your gut health aside from antibiotics are alcohol, sugar, …

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Immune System Health Month

You all ready for Tip #4? I bet you can guess what it is based on our event last week. Yep, you guessed it, Fasting is another great way to strengthen your immune system response naturally, to help you better adapt and fight off potential viruses and pathogens. Take a look at our recap of …

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Diabetes Workshop Recap

June’s workshop was a hit! We turned the practice into a movie theater to view “Death & Diabetes in the City of Angels” and had a great time speaking with director Jay Vera. Thank you Jay for sharing more about the why behind the film. I also want to congratulate everyone who attended the event. …

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5 Factors to Prevent Diabetes, Heart Disease, & Cancer

Join us to learn the top 5 factors that lead to diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. PLUS we have a special viewing of the award winning film “Death & Diabetes in the City of Angels” and a chance to speak with the director, Jay Vera. Join us on Thursday June 14th for our workshop: 5 …

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Vitamin D Days are Over

Why is supplementing Vitamin D so important? Who wouldn’t want to reduce their risk of the flu, cancer, muscle aches, cardiovascular disease, depression, diabetes, autoimmune disease, and osteoporosis? At our practice in Santa Clara we carry the best and highest quality vitamin D supplement we have found, made by Innate Choice . For this year anyway… …

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