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Back to School Wellness

Why do people tend to get sick this time of year? We’ve all heard the theory that when kids return to school, being around each other is how they “catch colds.” Although it is correct that they are around more people, this alone doesn’t cause sickness. Think about all the places people go during the summertime where there are many people, amusement parks, camps, vacations with lots of tourists, and even other countries.

Feeling Back Pain or Neck Pain? How Your Posture Puts Pressure on Your Spine

Did you know various postures and positions put more stress on your spine than others? Gravity is constantly putting pressure on our spine. Sitting and slouching are some of the most high pressure positions, and repetitive pressure over time will affect your spine.

How Lower Back Pain can cause Hip, Knee & Foot Dysfunction

Do you experience lower back pain, sciatica, or problems with your hips, knees, or feet? You might think that these pains are unrelated, but they could be connected. Each of these body parts are connected to the spine, which is the foundation of the body, and any shifts in its structure can lead to imbalances and compensations that affect the rest of the body.

The Difference Between Headaches and Migraines

Headaches and migraines are common conditions affecting millions of people worldwide. While headaches and migraines share some similarities, they differ in several ways. Let’s explore the difference between the two and how Neuro-Structural Corrective Chiropractic can help alleviate these conditions.

Pillow Talk! Best Pillow for Your Neck

Did you know that we spend about one-third of our lives in bed? Yep! So you can imagine the position in which you spend a third of your life matters! Let’s chat about choosing the best pillow for your neck and how the right one can support your body and improve your sleep overall.

Causes of Neck and Shoulder Pain

Neck and shoulder pain may stem from many different health issues. It can vary from muscle strains, restricted joints, nerve pinching, infections, tumors, and even organ dysfunction. Remember, all your healing and bodily functions begin at the brain and run down the spinal cord, out through your nerves to every cell, tissue, and organ.

Restore Normal Function with Chiropractic Care in Santa Clara

Abnormalities such as digestive issues, dizziness, excessive sweating could be signs of autonomic neuropathy. This happens when there is damage to the nerves that manage your body everyday unconscious functions, such as heart rate, blood pressure, digestion and more. Learn about the science behind how chiropractic care can help restore normal function, care for your nerve health and prevent any further nerve damage.

Get Outside to Get Healthy!

Getting outside and exposing our skin to the sun’s rays, the grass and the earth can greatly impact our overall health. We frequently talk about Vitamin D synthesis, but there are many other health benefits to getting outside, such as better sleep, uplifting mood and improving immune health

Improve Your Life with Daily Whole Body Movements

Daily movement is one of the best-studied interventions for long-term physical and mental health. It could literally save someone’s life, is accessible, and all you have to do is mimic our ancestral hunter-gatherer patterns. Incorporating a rhythm of high-intensity exercise days, reminiscent of hunting, alternated with days of rest and light activity, could make a world of difference regarding our overall health.

What Are The Effec

In the US particularly, there has been a skyrocketing upward trend of sugar in the foods accessible to us over the past several decades, and the effects of this have been jarring when considering our overall health and quality of life. As a result, it is now more important than ever to be conscientious of how much sugar we consume, educate ourselves on different ingredients that are actually sugar in disguise, and diligently check the ingredients every time we take a trip to the grocery store.

Is it Time to Supplement with Vitamin D?

This time of year, is it time to supplement Vitamin D. Why? First, let’s talk about what vitamin D is, what it does, the current norm and how we can get it naturally. This will help us to understand if and when we need to supplement.

New Year Check-In

How is everyone feeling after the holidays? Stiff? Achy? Inflamed? This is something we hear over and over this time of year. And it reminds us that Neuro-Structural Shifts are caused by stress on the body.

Platinum Nutrition Program to Create Healthy Habits

For many of us, once the holiday season is in full swing, our diet and nutrition goals fly right out the window. But not to worry, we have your back!

Platinum Nutrition Program to Create Healthy Habits

An Ounce of Prevention — Beat Holiday Stress

Many people find the end of the year to be an extra stressful time. Some of the additional forms of stress people experience include:

An Ounce of Prevention — Beat Holiday Stress

What Causes a Neuro-Structural Shift?

Health is our body’s natural state from birth until death. It is not an event but a process throughout our lives. Our body is self-regulating and self-healing.

What Causes a Neuro-Structural Shift?

“I had a one month long headache & had no idea what was wrong…[Dr. Karo] fixed the problem & educated me on the central nervous system. I still remember the release in my upper head & how happy I was.”

Many patients come to us with headaches, numbness, bodily aching and pain. Oftentimes, they have been living with it for so long, leading to more medical care, drugs and surgery. Imagine how much someone’s quality of life could improve had they known that aging does not mean chronic dis-ease or that a fully functioning nervous system could bring them back to health.

“I had a one month long headache & had no idea what was wrong…[Dr. Karo] fixed the problem & educated me on the central nervous system. I still remember the release in my upper head & how happy I was.”

Are You Ready for Cold Season? Helpful Tips to Prepare for Cold Season!

Have you started to prepare for cold season? You can’t avoid it but you can take some simple steps to prepare. Read on for tips to get you through the season.

Are You Ready for Cold Season? Helpful Tips to Prepare for Cold Season!

What is a Neuro-Structural Shift?

What is a neuro-structural shift? They are typically the underlying cause of many secondary symptoms such as tightness and pain.

What is a Neuro-Structural Shift?