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Why are Omega 3s So Important?

Omega 3’s are essential fatty acids that our body needs to produce healthy and normal cells. They are the building blocks necessary to make brain tissue, nerve cells, and blood vessels.  Without them, our bodies do the best they can with lesser quality building blocks. They create poorly functioning cells and building materials, which lead …

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Coming Up This Fall

As discussed earlier this month, proper diet is a significant factor in maintaining a healthy immune system alongside many other health benefits. Given how important it is to provide your  body with the right foods, be sure to join our fall Platinum Nutrition Program! This week is the last week to join the group nutrition program; …

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Platinum Nutrition Program

Join us for the fall edition of our Platinum Nutrition Program. Over the last 10 years in practice, we have refined and restructured the program with an emphasis on education so you can learn what works for you and maintain these healthy habits long after the 21 days are over. While focusing on a diet …

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Platinum Nutrition Program

Proactive with Probiotics

Our digestive tract (gut) — also called our 2nd brain — contains trillions of microbes. The good and bad bacteria living in your gut microbiota help your body carry out a multitude of essential physiological functions such as help digest food, extract nutrients from food, support immune system resilience, promote healthy metabolism and even influence …

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Where Did the Magnesium Go?

Magnesium plays many significant and essential roles in your body. It is a mineral, ion, electrolyte and cofactor in over 300 enzyme reactions in your body, necessary for transmission of nerve impulses, formation of bone and teeth, cardiovascular health, muscle relaxation and much more. The list of conditions related to magnesium deficiency is long. There …

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Omega 3s & Pain

By now, you may have heard about supplementing Omegas 3s. But do we really understand why they are so important, how they can help reduce our pain levels, and WHY we need to supplement?Pain is a signal from our body telling us there’s something happening. Usually, during chronic pain, we have an overproduction of proinflammatory …

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Omega 3s & Pain

Are Your Vitamin D Levels low?

By now we have all heard about how important Vitamin D is to our immune systems. But did you know, that this time of year, levels tend to be the lowest? Our bodies synthesize Vitamin D from exposure to UVB rays from the sun. However, UVB rays only make it to us when the sun …

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Are Your Vitamin D Levels low?

Can Food Reduce My Healing?

Some common foods that cause inflammation and reduce healing: Dairy, milk, cheese Grains, bread, pasta, cereal Cured meats, salami, bacon Processed food, pastries, cake, sugary drinks Fried foods, potato chips, french fries, fried chicken These foods are harder to digest by our bodies, they cause inflammation in our gut, feed the bad bacteria in our …

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Can Food Reduce My Healing?

Systems Approach to Health

Diet/nutrition is one of the most important aspects to consider to get truly healthy and well. Food, water, supplements all work together to build healthy new cells for our body to use as a whole. Rather than looking at a specific deficiency of a possible nutrient, which is also very valuable, I like to think …

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Systems Approach to Health

Feed Your Immune System

Tip #6: You Are What You Eat We couldn’t talk about supporting our immune systems without talking about Nutrition. What we put into our bodies impacts how our bodies function and defend us from infections or illnesses.  When we talk about nutrition, we are talking about the process of ingestion, digestion, absorption, and utilization of …

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Feed Your Immune System

Exercise & Your Immune System

Ready for Tip # 5? Exercise/Movement! We hear it all of the time right? Exercise to stay healthy. But what is it that is so important about exercise and movement? Movement is genetically essential for our DNA. That means how you move or don’t move is very important to your health. We need healthy signals …

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Sun Sun Sun Here We Come!

Immune System Health Month Tip #3 We are sure you have heard it before, but it is so important it bears repeating. Having the proper levels of Vitamin D is ESSENTIAL to having a Strong Immune System. It acts like a hormone and enables our immune system to have resources and fast-acting soldiers that protect …

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Your Secret to Skin Cancer Prevention

Summer is in full swing, and with it comes more BBQs, more time outside, and an increase in our skin’s exposure to UV rays. Historically, we’ve been instructed to cover up, avoid the midday rays, and slather on sunscreen. But despite these warnings, the incidence of skin cancer is still on the rise. In fact, …

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Water: The Great Health Hack

Drinking pure water is one of the easiest ways to improve your health. Do you know that water helps you properly digest food and absorb nutrients? That it improves circulation and reduces inflammation? Water is remarkable, and it helps your body in so many ways. But you may not be getting all of the benefits. …

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Are You Reaching Your Health Goals?

Can you believe it? March of 2021 is already coming to a close. Which means this is a great time to take a moment to reflect on the first quarter of the year and check in with your health goals. Is your health where you want it to be? If the answer is Yes.. Congratulations!!! …

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Start Your Day Off Right!

We all know we need to move each and every day to stay healthy and maintain our body’s range of motion. But we often get overwhelmed with what exactly to do. Today we take the guesswork out of it for you. Check out this daily movement video that you can use to kick off your …

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Save $100,000 per year!

Can you believe it costs, on average, $100,000 per year at a nursing home? Per year! Astounding! And what quality of life are you getting for that $100,000 per year?  Can you also believe that the same dollar amount ($100,000) equates to 50 years of wellness/protection chiropractic care? What if we can avoid needing to …

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Hand Sanitizer: Hurting or Helping?

Hand sanitizer although useful at times, does affect the probiotics on your skin, mouth, and gut. Hand sanitizer is useful when you can’t wash your hands with soap and water, but it has become one of the most over used measures to cleansing one’s hands, especially right now. Recently we’ve had many patients that are having issues with their health directly caused by the …

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What is a Neuro-Structural Shift?

A Neuro-Structural (NS) shift consists of two anatomical components. The first is the biomechanical component, which is made up of the structural spinal vertebrae. These are the 24 moveable bones, and discs in between, that make up your spine. The other is a neurological component, made up of the spinal cord and delicate nerves, which …

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Safer, Cleaner Air for You!

You may have noticed a new addition to the practice… an addition that makes Platinum Chiropractic an even cleaner and safer space. The Molekule air purifier. Our new air purifier is technologically above and beyond so you can feel better about the environment.  “One of the most important features of Molekule Air Pro is the …

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