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Ear Infections, Vertigo, Balance Issues

 1) C1 (Atlas) meeting your skull 2) C2 (Axis) *) Eustachian Tubes 1) C1 (Atlas) meeting your skull 2) C2 (Axis) *) Eustachian Tubes

Ear infections, vertigo, and balance issues… What do these things have in common?

All of them can be caused by a shift in the upper neck. Here’s how.

The upper portion of your neck (cervical spine) goes all the way up to your skull. And if you trace from where your neck and skull meet around the front towards your face, you end up right behind your ear. Behind your ear are several anatomical structures such as your throat and Eustachian tubes, which are the draining tubes for the ears. When there’s a shift in the upper part of your neck, it can put pressure on this tube; restricting its ability to drain fluid properly. This fluid can become backed up and stagnant. When that happens it becomes a perfect breading ground for bacteria to take hold and cause an infection, pressure on the ear drum, pressure on the inner ear, vertigo, and balance issues. At Platinum Chiropractic we do a focused exam of your upper cervical area to identify if you have a shift putting pressure on this vital area and causing those secondary conditions. Remember, your body strives to heal itself and be functional, we just need to remove any interference to that healing capacity.

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