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Health Challenge Day 8: Stay Hydrated

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Platinum Health Challenge Day 8: Stay Hydrated

We all know we should be drinking water, but how much? For Day 8 your challenge is to Stay Hydrated. The formula below can help you figure it you.

Take your body weight in pounds and divide in half. Your answer is how many oz of water you should get each day. But here is the trick. Every time you have a liquid that dehydrates you such as coffee or tea (even decaffeinated), soda, juice or alcohol you have to make that up with the same amount of water!

Wait, did you say coffee, tea, soda, juice, and alcohol all dehydrate! Yes we did. Coffee and tea, even decaffeinated or herbal, are diuretics, which mean they dehydrate you. Soda and juice are both high in sugar, which also causes dehydration. And we all know that alcohol leads to dehydration.

Remember to post using the #platinumhealthchallenge for raffle points.

How to Win:

  • Raffles include prizes from WholeFoods, ButcherBox, Beautycounter, Squatty Potty, and more!

  • To qualify for the raffles, post evidence of you and/or your family and friends completing the Challenge of the Day on social media.

  • This could be a photo or text on facebook, instagram, or twitter, sharing the original Challenge of the Day post, or commenting on the blog post. Don’t have Social Media? Talk to Kristen about how to qualify.

  • Be sure to include the #platinumhealthchallenge so we can find you!

  • To qualify for the Weekly Raffle Drawing, complete 5/7 challenges for the week (Sun – Sat). To qualify for the Grand Prize Raffle complete 13/21 challenges throughout the month.

**Weekly Raffles will be drawn on Sundays. To win you must be able to come by the practice to pickup your prize. We will not be mailing items.**


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