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Joint Health Workshop: Stop Joint Pain & Degeneration in its Tracks!

Stop Joint Pain

On Wednesday, June 28th, we will be hosting an interactive workshop all about how to keep your joints in the best shape possible! Joint health is a hot topic as arthritis or joint degeneration, is common within our society. However, it can be minimized and even prevented. Dr. Karo will be going over how your joints work, how to maintain their health and increase their longevity.

  • Why does one of my knees feel older than the other?
  • How can I keep arthritis in check?
  • How can I be proactive about maintaining joint health?
  • Do joints get worse with age?
  • If my joints are already damaged or worn, are there things I can do to make it more healthy?
  • How can I avoid having a hip or knee replacement?

While there are several different types of joints in the body, they all require the same factors to stay healthy. Joints do not have a direct blood supply like muscles and organs do. This means there is no pump like the heart that moves blood in and out. Instead, joints rely on internal biomechanics (movement) to pump fluids and nutrients into each joint and metabolites and waste out.

This is why the most important factors for joint health are proper alignment, daily full-range movement, and good nutrition. For each of us, this means we need to make sure we move our joints every day. One of the key benefits of chiropractic care is the resulting improvement in joint biomechanics of your spine, which creates healthier joint cells.

Interested in learning more about your joint health? Come to our Joint Health Workshop on Wednesday, June 28th, at 5:30! Dr. Karo will be going over easy-to-implement strategies to manage daily wear and tear on our joints. This event will also lead an interactive mobility session on keeping your joint health long-term.

Friends and family are welcome – RSVP below! Space is limited.

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