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Many of our patients first come to us while having a health crisis. They are experiencing health concerns such as back pain, disc herniations, neck pain, headaches, hip pain, or shoulder pain. As they begin with our Neuro-Structural care, not only do those initial symptoms heal, but patients start to notice other improvements to their health and overall quality of life. 

They start to notice improvements in other health conditions like like their digestive issues clearing up, their high or low blood pressure normalizing, becoming less anxious, or their menstrual cycle normalizing. 

For us, this is no surprise. We know that your body is designed to be healthy, and it has an amazing ability to heal and self-regulate from birth until death, continuously. When your body is free from Neuro-structural shifts and your brain and nervous system have proper nerve communication to every cell, tissue, and organ in your body, all kinds of secondary conditions (symptoms) can heal. 

But don’t take our word for it. Check out this testimonial from Shaw:

“This review has been long-overdue, as I’ve been waiting to complete my initial corrective care (5 months) with Platinum Chiropractic. 

Now that my entire spinal structure been corrected and adjusted, I’m able to reap all of the benefits from it, such as: ridding body of prior nagging ailments, much faster recovery from fatigue due to exercises, better digestion and metabolism, deeper &longer sleep, as well as heightened energy and overall posture. 

As an ex-athlete that competed at a national level, I can highly recommend Platinum Chiropractic for structural health needs — which can lead to mental, physical and even gastro-intestinal benefits. 

Dr. Karo and Kristen are not only friends and trusted professionals, but are like family to me now. I will be continuing on to the preventative and maintenance care regimen hereon forth.”

— Shaw Chang

Live Your Best Life

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