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What Is the Best Vitamin?

What would you pick if you had only one vitamin to supplement with?

That is a very tricky question, requiring more information, such as who you are, your age, your diet, lifestyle, where you live, etc. Of course, the best vitamin will be the one you specifically are deficient in. But when we look broadly at our population’s most common and arguably most crucial vitamin deficiency, one stands out the most. Vitamin D!

What does vitamin D do for us? And why are we low?

Vitamin D is technically not a vitamin but a prohormone that our body converts for many uses. It is essential to our health, and one of the most important uses is by our immune system. Vitamin D helps our body’s immune system function robustly, keeping us protected from viruses, bacteria, infections, and cancers.

Our body doesn’t naturally produce Vitamin D. Instead, we need exposure to the sun or to eat certain foods. When done correctly, the sun is our best source. Unfortunately, the right types of sun become limited from October to April. (Check out this article that explains the best times). We also get some vitamin D from foods. Foods such as salmon, egg yolks, red meat, liver, and some mushrooms offer a little bit, but not enough to sustain healthy levels without sun exposure.

The good news is that we can supplement our vitamin D levels to increase and maintain during the winter! 

At Platinum Chiropractic, we use the highest quality supplements without the contamination of additives and cheap fillers used by other brands. It contains the best dosage and synergists like Vitamin K2, designed for optimal use by the body. Pick one up on your next visit.

What Is the Best Vitamin

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