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Class on Movement Santa Clara, CA

Feeling stiff? WFH got you down? 

Stand up and follow along with our latest episode of Stay Active, Stay Healthy.

During the movement class in Santa Clara, I touch on why it’s so important to move your body. Movement is genetically essential for our DNA. What that means is, moving your body signals your DNA to make healthy cells in response to the movement your body goes through.


Our DNA craves movement at the cellular level. On top of that, moving your body pumps muscles, which then pumps blood and oxygen throughout the body.

Class on Movement in Santa Clara, CA

Another lesser-known benefit to movement is lymphatic pumping. Your lymph nodes store dead, damaged cells, viruses, and bacteria that have been engulfed by the white blood cells. The only way your lymph nodes get rid of the waste is by, yep you guessed it, MOVEMENT.

So not only are we stretching muscles, and lubricating joints to stay limber, we are helping the body get rid of waste and priming our DNA for health.

So tune in and get moving!    

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