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Omegas & Your Health

To have healthy tissues, such as

  • proper and healthy nerve vessels,
  • healthy heart and supple blood vessels,
  • a healthy lining of your digestive system,
  • healthy brain,
  • healthy joints,
  • and healthy cartilage

we need to have a balanced molecular make-up.

The balance comes from having enough intake of healthy omega 3’s and reduced intake of omega 6’s.

Omega3’s are anti-inflammatory and help heal our tissues, while omega 6 is pro-inflammatory and helps break down tissues.

Usually, when our diets and lifestyles are of natural origins, such as that of a hunter and gatherer society (arguably the healthiest people on earth), we get a healthy balanced ratio of 1 to 1 omega 3 to omega 6.

Unfortunately, the average American’s ratio is 1:20!!! No wonder everyone is inflamed and sick all the time.

Omega 3’s are not just good for your overall health and reducing inflammation. They are also essential fatty acids for the brain and nervous system, which is why we highly recommend them in our practice to achieve the best neurostructural correction.

You can learn more about how to purchase the best Omega 3 supplements in our article here.

Or pick one up on your next visit.

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