Platinum Chiropractic

Party Time!


This month marks Dr. Karo’s 10th year in practice! We are so grateful for your help with succeeding in our mission of getting people healthy without drugs or surgery. So we are throwing a party!

Mark your calendars for Saturday March 12

Join us for food, fun, & giveaways

11 am – 1 pm

Parkway Park

3675 Forest Ave, Santa Clara, CA 95050

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Ever wonder how Dr. Karo got his start in chiropractic?

 “When Dr. Karo was 18 years old, he was awarded a full-ride scholarship for springboard diving, like in the Olympics, which enabled him to receive his undergraduate education. Shortly after he started training, he began experiencing warning signs of a back problem. He pushed through the warning signs in order to continue competing until the pain got so bad that he couldn’t even put his socks on…”

You can see the full story here:

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