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What Were Those Corrective Exercises?


As a part of your care plan, Dr. Karo has given each of you corrective exercises to do at home in-between your visits.

Patients who stay constant and committed to their home care see an increase in their healing and their bodies ability to hold an adjustment.

For your reference and as a refresher here are two videos that go over some corrective exercises. These are great to do as a warm up as well as a cool down. Be sure to actually DO the movements and follow along.

How Often Should I Do My Corrective Exercises?

  • At minimum, we recommend performing your Corrective Exercises 2x per day. 20-30 repetitions per direction.
    • In the morning right after you wake up
    • In the evening before bed.  
  • If you want to make even more progress, 5x per day will get you an A!
    • Just think about how much time we spend re-creating patterns that cause structural shifts.
    • The more you can reinforce positive motions and habits, the healthier your body will be and less likely to get shifted and injured.

Corrective Neck Exercises

Corrective Low Back Exercises

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