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Trust over Fear

Trust over Fear? When we trust we are relinquishing our worries and fears because we have accumulated enough evidence, whether its objective or not, to put our minds at ease. We trust our parents, we trust authorities, we trust our peers. Our decision to trust begins with some insecurity; crossing the line of the unknown. But once we have collected enough data, information, and opinions, we make the conscious choice to trust.

Trust over Fear

This is a process I am sure we can all relate to. For example, as a child I was scared of falling asleep because I was certain I wouldn’t wake up. Much to the distress of my mother, I would try to stay awake as long as possible due to this fear. But as time went by, I learned from experience and the guidance of my parents that I would, in fact, wake up, and I began to trust the process of going to sleep.

In today’s society, we no longer trust our incredible bodies. We fear we will unexplainably “catch” the flu or fall sick to an illness. This is because we as a society do not understand how our bodies work. Instead we fear the unknown, and undervalue our bodies’ healing potential. Our bodies are designed as a self healing, self organizing, self regulating system. Once we learn a little bit about how our bodies works, we are able to trust the intelligence within that coordinates each and every action and function.

Our goal at Platinum Chiropractic with each Neuro-Structural adjustment is to improve your spine and nervous system, restoring your body’s communication and ability to achieve these naturally programmed functions. Yes, Neuro-Structural shifts do happen, hindering your body’s ability to adapt and function. And that is exactly why we focus on correcting these interferences, improving your system’s overall ability to function properly. All you need to do is trust that your body has the potential to heal itself and trust the process.

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