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Article about Dr. Karo!

Dr. karo Isajan Chiropractor

  • Earlier this week an article was written about Dr. Karo on a local corporation’s internal blog. Take a look below!

Spinal Strength & Injury Prevention Seminar by Dr. Karo Isajan, D.C.
by Patrick Duncan

NorCal CrossFit’s favorite chiropractor Dr. Karo Isajan was on-site at Great Oaks and Yerba Buena last week for a pair of Spinal Strength & Injury Prevention seminars. Dr. Karo’s career was inspired by his search for recovery after a nasty back injury while on a full athletic scholarship in college. His family chiropractor provided a path to recovery where X-rays, CAT scans, and pain pills had failed. He later graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic West and became a Board licensed chiropractor. At last week’s seminars, Dr. Karo ran through an overview presentation and then led the seminar participants through a series of basic spine exercises. His main theme was to juxtapose the role of a chiropractor in maintaining a healthy spine to that of a dentist maintaining a healthy set of teeth. Just as dental care does not stop at the dental office doors, Dr. Karo teaches his patients how to care for their spines between their chiropractic adjustments. The spine is living flesh. Just as the muscles get stronger with exercise, the spine gets stronger with movement… Click for full article

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