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Check Out These Healing Stories!!


Every day, you all come into the practice and update us on your health journeys and examples of the incredible healing potential of the human body.


We are excited to share that recently, you have reported:

  • healing from diabetes and no longer needing medication, 

  • kidney health improving and normalizing, 

  • and being able to climb Mt. Shasta again!


And what do YOU attribute these healing miracles to? You tell us the only thing you have changed is starting care here at Platinum. 


Congratulations!!! We are so happy for you!


But are we surprised? 


Nope! These results fall in line with what we experience first hand in the practice every day and are further supported by this study published in 2007.


The study took a look at those of us who see a complementary and alternative to a medical provider, like a chiropractor, vs. seeing a conventional medical doctor first. Over a 7-year period, it demonstrates a decrease of:

  • 60.2% in-hospital admissions,

  • 59.0% hospital days,

  • 62.0% outpatient surgeries and procedures,

  • and 85% of pharmaceutical costs when compared with conventional medicine.


These long term results are precisely why we offer two types of Neuro-Structural Chiropractic Care here at Platinum:

  • Correction

  • Protection

Most of you initially come to us for Correction, seeking relief from an acute or chronic concern. We work together to help your body heal from these concerns.
Our initial goal is to correct underlying structural and neurological dysfunction with frequent checks and adjustments. Once we normalize the health of the Neuro-Structure, we then want to keep it functioning at its highest potential, to allow for the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones to reorganize. We call this the Protection Phase.
Protection Care is focused on helping you achieve your health goals like running a 10k, gardening without the fear of back spasms, or just the peace of mind that your body’s internal organs, glands, blood vessels, immune system, and brain have the best chance to function normally throughout your life.
It’s much easier to help spot problems and take care of them BEFORE they become a major health issue. People that have been on Protection Care for more than a year report:
  • continual improvements to their overall health

  • improved sleep,

  • improved mobility,

  • stress reduction,

  • reduced infections,

  • reduced need for medication,

  • more resilience to injury,

  • and better recovery.

Once you are in the Protection phase of care, you can have confidence that your body is working well, you know what to do to take care of yourself, and you are free to enjoy a full life without fear of injury or illness..
You can learn more about it in the article we wrote about Protection Care here.


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