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Emotional Stress and Cancer Awareness

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For the month of October we have been disucssing Breast Cancer Prevention. Remember, there are three types of stress, physical, chemical, and emotional, that impact our health. In order to be and stay healthy we need to eat well, think well, and move well consitantly for a period of time.

With that in mind, first, we talked about some chemical stresses that can contribute to the development of breat cancer and cancers in general. You can find that article here.

Last week we talked about phyical stresses associated with cancer. You can check that our here.

This week we are going to talk about the Emotional stressors. It all pretty much boils down to how we feel. What I mean by that is, how we feel, our emotional state dictates our self-talk. This can be positive or negative. If I feel good, I’m going to think good thoughts, do things that are healthy, and pretty much continue to feel good and think well.

Where most people falter, is that they don’t know how to enter this good emotional state of health, where they think good positive healthy thoughts, feeling good, and being healthy. Our minds are really good at finding faults, problems, and looking for negative things. This is how we’ve survived for thousands of years, and stayed safe, but we weren’t necessarily thriving. 

Thinking negative thoughts, feeling bad, having negative self-talk promotes an unhealthy physical state, and leads to self-imposed stress on the nervous system. This in turn causes our bodies to suffer the effects from emotional stress, which can lead to disruption of our normal body functions, hormone production, and even promote dis-ease. We have all experienced a stomach ache when we are worried about a test, felt nauseous when anxious about speaking in public, felt faint when we have made a BIG mistake, or neck pain when we get stressed at work. Just imagine how your body responds over time to constant emotional stressors.

There is however great news! This can be impacted by making a conscious decision. You can choose to feel good by making healthy choices, thereby leading to positive thoughts, actions, and feelings, which in turn promote good health. One easy way to do this is by physically moving your body by going for a walk. In ten minutes you’ll feel better, and that feeling can be the catalyst to continue to do and think positively, which improves your emotional and physical state towards health and wellness.

If you are in need of more support for your mental and emotional wellness, give our community partners over at Uplift PsychologyGroup a call. They provide individual therapy, couples therapy, and parent support for those with children! 


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