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Back Pain and Cancer


Last week for Breast Cancer Awareness Month we talked about some chemical stresses that can contribute to the development of cancers. If you missed it, you can check it out HERE.

For this week, we are focusing on a physical stress that is associated with cancer…. Neruo-Structural Shifts. WHAT? The thing that is causing my back pain is related to cancer?

Now, take a moment and think about your brain. Do you know what part helps to maintain homeostasis? It is your limbic system. And quite possibly, the most crucial part of your limbic system is your hypothalamus. “The hypothalamus receives signals from all possible sources in the nervous system” via your spine. It is the center for collecting information about the internal well-being of your body. And this information is then used to control the production of your hormones.*

So when your body is in a state of homeostasis, the exact amount of hormones you need at a given time are released into your bloodstream, and your body functions smoothly. However, when the control mechanism malfunctions, the results can be severe and even life-altering.

“With few exceptions, hormone deficiency or hormone excess is the result of pathologic manifestations in the neural pathways that supply the hypothalamus.”**

So, what does that mean to you? Well, a Neuro-Structural Shift in your spine and its resulting decrease in function may be a significant cause of hormone dysfunction and hormonal related health problems.

Interference to your nervous system, especially in the upper neck,“may produce a variety of symptoms, including diabetes insipidous, obesity, sexual dystrophy, somnolence, and loss of temperature control.”***

The important take away here is that structural spinal integrity sets the foundation of good health, along with proper nutrition and avoiding harmful chemicals that are ever-present in our environment. 

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