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Emotions and Chiropractic

Emotions and Chiropractic? One of the biggest benefits of an adjustment is how it changes a person’s life instantly from a psychological, emotional, and neurological point of view.

When you are adjusted, your nervous system becomes relaxed and at ease. Your nervous system shifts from Sympathetic (fight or flight, stressed, tense) physiology, to a more balanced Parasympathetic (rest, digest, and heal) tone.

When a person is adjusted and at ease, their body and mind are much more receptive to social engagement, listening, empathizing, learning, and better able to take care of themselves and other people.

When a person is adjusted, they have less pain physically, but also more capacity emotionally and psychologically to enable them to be better at home for their family emotionally, at school psychologically, at work, around people in the grocery store, etc, etc. This is one of the greatest benefits that chiropractic provides which doesn’t get talked about much in our society in general.

Now more than ever people are stressed emotionally and have no way to reconnect to themselves. Getting regular adjustments allows you to be more connected to yourself which allows for greater connection to the people around you.

I can also personally notice the shift in people’s nervous systems when I adjust them. I have an empathetic connection with my clients which enables me to notice the change in their body and emotional state. People literally transform in front of me as I adjust them. It is so fulfilling to be able to serve people in this way. Seeing people heal, get better, and have better lives is such a joy to my heart.

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