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Benefits of Probiotic

By now everybody has heard of gut health and probiotics, how important it is to our overall health. This is because there is an important connection between your digestive system and your brain. What’s more, recent studies show that your brain affects your gut health and your gut affects your brain health. 

The communication system between your gut and brain is called the gut-brain axis. Your gut and your brain are connected physically and biochemically. The Vagus Nerve is this connection. Vagus means wandering and so does this nerve, which emanates from your brain and wanders throughout your digestive system sending messages to and from your digestive system to the brain. This nerve is controlled by the parasympathetic part of the nervous system, which is what we measure in our office with the Heart Rate Variability test.  When you are in balance, your body has the best adaptability, which includes making hormones that help you feel more connected, at ease, less anxious, less depressed, and less sluggish. The most important task we have here at Platinum Chiropractic is improving your structure and balancing your nervous system through Neuro Structural Correction. However, due to our lifestyles, increased environmental stress, toxicity, medications, poor food choices, and alcohol, our guts take the brunt. Which is why everyone should be focusing on cleansing their digestive system and healing it with pre and probiotic foods and appropriate supplements. We recommend for everyone to enhance his or her gut-brain health with high quality supplements that can help you digest better, heal your gut, and be at your best. 

Below are the two probiotic supplements that we recommend. These are the ones that Dr. Karo personally uses and has found them to be the best: 

  • Ther-Biotic Complete from Klaire Labs 
    • Is a probiotic blend (25+ billion CFUs) in a base of inulin (derived from chicory root).
    • Must be kept refrigerated
  • Proflora 4R™ Restorative Probiotic Combination from Bio-Botanical Research
    • Has been laboratory and clinically tested for effectiveness for over 25 years inaddressing the G.I tract and supporting a healthy and balanced intestinal ecology.
    • The combination of Quercetin, Marshmallow Root, and Aloe Vera extract in Proflora 4R™ provide additional nutritional support for “leaky gut” and a healthy microbial balance.
    • Does not need to be refrigerated because it is a spore-forming probiotic.
    • Endospores are undamaged by antibiotic therapies and stomach acid, surviving to reach the intestines nearly 100% of the time.

Both are made from ingredients of only the highest quality and purity and are free of milk/casein, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat/gluten, corn, yeast, and soybeans. 

 Ask Kristen for more details or order yours here.



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