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Proactive with Probiotics

Our digestive tract (gut) — also called our 2nd brain — contains trillions of microbes. The good and bad bacteria living in your gut microbiota help your body carry out a multitude of essential physiological functions such as help digest food, extract nutrients from food, support immune system resilience, promote healthy metabolism and even influence …

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Regain Your Energy!

Group Starts May 9th Our Platinum Nutrition Program supports the body’s natural toxin-metabolism processes and brings healthy lifestyle habits into focus. Providing your body with the right proportions of organic whole foods and nutritional supplements is one of the main (if not most important) pillars of optimal health. Aside from getting checked for Neuro-Structural shifts …

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Regain Your Energy!

Optimal Neuro-Structure w/ Nutrition

Proactively Help Your Body Prevent Shifts with Nutrition As you all know, here at Platinum, we focus on restoring and maintaining your Neuro-Structure (brain, spinal cord, nerves, and vertebrae). Our bodies have an amazing ability to regulate themselves and respond to change, always striving to function at their best. However, Toxins, Traumas, and Thoughts put stress on …

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Optimal Neuro-Structure w/ Nutrition

Allergy Supplemental Support

Last week we talked all about how Neuro-Structural Chiropractic helps with allergies, seasonal and otherwise. If you missed it, you can find the full article here. So now that we have your nervous system working at its best to combat allergies, we can talk about what supplements can also provide support. Omega 3s Allergies are …

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Allergy Supplemental Support

Systems Approach to Health

Diet/nutrition is one of the most important aspects to consider to get truly healthy and well. Food, water, supplements all work together to build healthy new cells for our body to use as a whole. Rather than looking at a specific deficiency of a possible nutrient, which is also very valuable, I like to think …

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Systems Approach to Health

Focus on Gut Health

Our immune system resilience (i.e., our ability to adapt and fight off bacteria and viruses) is dependent on our gut health. But unfortunately, our gut systems get abused during this time of year because of all the holiday food, treats, and alcohol. The biggest offenders to your gut health aside from antibiotics are alcohol, sugar, …

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Top 5 Things to Know About Your Diet

Paleo, Keto, Fasting… What is Right for you? If your social media looks anything like ours, it has been overrun with articles, recipes, success stories, and failures about the recent Keto, Paleo, and Fasting diet trends. It can be hard to discern what is good, what is bad, and what is right for you! Dr. …

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Gut Health & Probiotics

By now everybody has heard of gut health and probiotics, how important it is to our overall health. This is because there is an important connection between your digestive system and your brain. What’s more, recent studies show that your brain affects your gut health and your gut affects your brain health.  The communication system …

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Health Challenge Day 13: Fermented Foods

Platinum Health Challenge Day 13: Eat Probiotic Foods For Day 13 we are back on the nutrition train… Eat Probiotic Foods! As you know, we are always talking about Gut Health and the important roll it plays for our overall wellbeing, mentally and physically. In fact, you can check out this video that we posted …

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Snack Time!

Living Cultures Superfoods Yogurt is a dairy free, sugar free, delicious source of probiotics. One of our favorite ways to enjoy Living Cultures Superfood’s probiotic supplement is on smoked salmon. Add a dollop of the LCSF yogurt and top with dill, cilantro, or basil. Simple, easy, and delicious! Living Cultures Superfoods yogurt is made from coconut, …

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Platinum Chiropractic Health Challenge Day 13

It is always best to get your probiotics from food vs pills. What food you ask? High quality fermented foods such as sauerkraut , kim chi , kombucha , and apple cider vinegar . Yogurt and kefier are only OK if they are dairy free  and not high in sugar. The best products that meet …

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Immune System Boost Recap

Last Tuesday we had our monthly seminar, which was on the topic 7 Ways to Bulletproof Your Immune System. The majority of the talk was about shifting our paradigm of what healthcare really is and what is most congruent to us as a human species. We discussed the concept of epigenetics and how your environment …

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